What are the places to see in Frankfurt?

Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one of the most modern museums in Europe and the second largest one in Germany. It is also known to be the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds along with the development of mankind. The Frankfurt Museum is one of the European’s most important galleries of modern art. It was opened in the year 1991 in a postmodern building which is the heart of the city and the vast collection which includes about five thousand fine examples.

The museum also operates a satellite exhibition space featuring works by unknown artists. The Museum Of Applied Art with its more than thirty thousand items of European and Asian applied art which includes furniture, tapestries, glass, ceramics, and books etc. The Zoo Frankfurt is a home to about five thousand animals which represent at least four hundred and fifty different species and it also covers about thirty-two acres. It was founded in the year 1858 and it is especially noted for many excellent animal houses. An interesting fact is that it is the Germany’s second oldest zoo. A series of fun events and the programs are offered which includes family festivals, exhibits and themed tours etc.